About Ryan Cooley
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Here's some information on Ryan
He was born May 18, 1988.

The son of musician Charlie Cooley, who has played drums for the band Prairie Oyster.

Want's to continue his acting career into adulthood.

Would like to be a pilot.

Likes to play basketball.

The following is a list of his acting credits.

Lexx (2001)

Queer as Folk (2001)- Hank Cameron

The Color of Friendship (2000) - Billy

I Was a Sixth Grade Alien! (1999-present) - Pleskit
(My Best Friend is an Alien)

Happy Christmas, Miss King (1998) This was a tv movie based on the popular Avonlea series. - Ryan played the part of Daniel King

"Are You Afraid of the Dark?" (1998) Episode "Tale of the Silver Sight" Part 1 (04/02/2000) - Waif Kid

Sachsenhausen 1944 (1999)

Jacob Two-Two

Toy Men (1998)

After (1998)

Day in the Country

As you can see, Ryan has had appeared in many different stage and tv productions. Weither it's the Alien or as a character in an Avonlea tv movie, he does a great job in each role he plays.

An Interview with Ryan
The following interview came from the MRYAK website.
It was conducted on the set of I Was a Sixth Grade Alien in the summer of 2000. The interviewer is Tommy Lowery, the Vice-President of Viewers Voice.
I would like to thank Mr. Lowery for his quick responses to our emails and messages concerning the cast and website. The MRYAK website provides information about young actors of the Great White North, that so often get overlooked by their American nieghbors.

Here's the interview:

VV Would you tell us a little about yourself?

RC This is my very first TV series. I’ve been acting for about three years now and I’m 12 years old on May 18.

VV Do you find this any different than some other things you have been involved in?

RC Oh yea! Definitely it’s like you got to be very calm, cool, and not psycho like and concentrate. Concentrate a lot!

VV How long does it take you to get all this on (makeup)?

RC This is a wig (pointing to his head). Last year I had real blue hair and its about 45 minutes to get all the makeup on my face, hands, and neck. My hands have a special makeup that does not come off. Its really special so it won’t come off.

(Puzzled look) How do you get it off when you’re done for the day????

RC (Laughing really hard) Oh, no, no, no it comes off. We just get lots and lots and lots and lots of makeup remover and we just rub it together until it really like gets watery and soggy and we wash it off. It’s really hard to get off.

VV What are some of the other things besides acting you do?

RC Like every other kid in the world, I like to play video games. I have a basketball net so I like to play basketball. I’m just an ordinary every day to day kid.

VV You want to be an actor when you get older?

RC Yea, my real dream was to be a pilot, so I want to act and fly.

VV What do you like the best about your part and the show?

RC The alien gadgets I get to play with in all the shows. The coolest stuff, they make them glow. I got an alien watch that glows (shows us his really awesome watch and what it does). Yesterday we had lasers and they were shooting all over in the gym area. That was really cool. They were all over the place.